Ship Shape Bedding at the London Boat Show 2016


We have had a fantastic show this year - and hope you all enjoyed it too! We loved meeting all our customers old and new, it's great to see so many people having a fantastic day out and getting all their boating essentials ready for the start of the season! 


New Memory Foam Marine+™ Boat Mattress


Ship Shape Bedding launched at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show a revolutionary New Memory Foam Mattress specifically design for Boats. Branded Marine+ this “Patent Pending” Breathable Boat Mattress sets a new standard in comfort afloat.

New Engraved Polycarbonate Glasses


Ship Shape Galleyware have launched a new Engraving Service on their top quality range of Polycarbonate Glasses at the 2013 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show.

New Space Saving Pots and Pans Range


Ship Shape Bedding is launching and showing a new range of space saving pots and pans at the 2012 Southampton Boat Show. The stylish range includes 7 or 10 piece “nesting” sets with removable handles. The sets are top quality stainless steel, specifically designed for boats and the marine environment. When nestle all sets fit a space less than a 30cm cubed!

New Orthopaedic Boat Mattress Range


Ship Shape Bedding have launched a new range of Orthopaedic Boat Mattresses at the 2012 Southampton Boat Show. The Orthopaedic Mattress gives you extra support where the body needs it most, the pressure points (e.g. the hips and shoulders), whilst supporting the spine keeping it straight and free of twists thus aiding a great night’s sleep.

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