Boat Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers are a cost-effective way to improve the comfort and support of your existing mattress. Our custom-made toppers can be made to any shape and size to fit all berths. All come with removable and washable covers in a choice of fabrics for easy and convenient cleaning.


We offer a range of 3 varieties of topper to suit every need:


  • Marine+ Memory Foam Topper

This is our top of the range topper. The Marine+ gives you the support of Memory Foam without the humidity; perfect for both winter and hot summer nights alike. The breather channels that run throughout the foam and the DRY-Mat layer within this topper allows air to flow continuously, dramatically reducing the humidity without compromising on comfort. This 21/2" deep topper is the simplest way to ensure a fresh and relaxing night's sleep.



  • Memory Foam Topper

Instantly upgrade your current mattress by adding a 2" deep Memory Foam Topper. Memory foam moulds to your unique shape as it warms, giving you an additional level of support and comfort. The adaptable foam topper is ideal for adding a feel of luxury without the cost of a new mattress.



  • Marine Reflex Foam Topper

This cost-effective topper is made of specialist highly breathable Marine Reflex Foam. Add a 2" layer of support to your mattress with this topper and significantly increase the comfort and depth of a firm or worn out mattress as well as preventing it from "bottoming out". 



All of our toppers are custom made to order. Contact us on 03704 464233 or alternatively Click here for a quote or to buy online.

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