How To Make a Perfect Boat Mattress Template in just 10 Mins!

How To Make a Perfect Mattress Template in Just 10 Mins! 

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Step 1: Remove your old




Step 2: Cover the entire base with 
brown paper joined so the template
is in one piece - even if the mattress
is split - this ensures there will be
no overlaps or gaps.


Step 3: Crease the paper around 
with your fingers




Step 4: Draw around the crease
with a marker pen



Step 5: Cut out and lay back on
bed to ensure a good fit (make
adjustments as required, adding
or removing paper)


Step 6: Mark your name,
and order details on the top 
urface while still on the bed!
Also where any split is located



 If Your Mattress has Sloping Sides Against the Hull.

  •  Use a ruler (or the back page of our leaflet!) to measure up the
     height of your new mattress (e.g. 7" for most pocket sprung mattresses).
  •  Use a tape measure to measure the distance, out to the hull,
     at this height where the top of your new mattress will be).
  •  Write this onto the template, and repeat at each
     corner and 2 or 3 times along the angled side.


This tells us how much wider to make the top than the bottom  -  Simples!



Please send your Template (including your name and order number!) To:

Ship Shape Bedding, Watering Piece Industrial Estate, Ludham Road, Catfield, Norfolk, NR29 5PY