Security & Privacy

Personal Information & Contact Details

  • Ship Shape World takes your security and privacy VERY seriously.
  • Please be assured that your contact details are NEVER shared with any other company and shall never be passed on in any way.
  • We do keep your contact details and previous orders on file to better serve you, and so that we can provide repeat orders, and/or give you advice on our relevant range of products.
  • It is our policy NOT to bombard you with more than the very occasional email and only on appropriate topics or when there are promotions, items or services available that we believe will benefit you.
  • If you ask us we will always remove your e-mail address from any mailing list.


Credit / Debit Card Security

  • We completely comply with legislation regarding the use of debit and credit card information and never save sufficient data for future payment to be taken. Therefore, we will always need to ask you for payment details again prior to future purchases or refunds. 
  • All web transactions are processed through our secure website and the security codes to enable transactions are NEVER stored by us.

Paul Hallatt

Managing Director

Ship Shape World

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