5 Summer Sailing Essentials for Cool & Comfortable Nights on Board

Here at Ship Shape Bedding we love spending the summer out on the water, making the most of the long evenings and soaking up the sun. 

However, we know that with the heat - temperatures can be raised and it's not always smooth sailing. Here's our top 5 products to keep you feeling cool, calm and cruising all summer long! These will ensure your summer on board is always enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable! 


1. DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Underlay  

undermattressEveryone perspires when they sleep and even more so during the hot summer nights. This humidity seeps through your mattress and when it reaches the solid wood of the bed base turns into condensation, leaving you with a damp mattress which could lead to mould and mildew.  

Keep your beds fresh and clean with our best selling DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Underlay. This 10mm layer of micro-springs lifts your mattress, creating a breather gap between the bed base which lets air flow freely preventing the build up of condensation and keeping your mattress clean and dry. 

Available in 3 sizes as standard, DRY-Mat is simply cut to shape and placed under your mattress. 

Click here to buy online! 

"Now, about a month after installing the Dry Mat, I'm still enjoying a dry and mould free mattress. Incredible. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with this common problem." - Mr Shelley
2. 100% Cotton Shaped Boat Bedding

iStock 000007990495MediumThere's no better feeling than climbing into a lovely fresh bed after a long day out on the water.

Our 100% Cotton bed linen is perfect for the summer months as it is soft, comfortable and highly breathable so you won't overheat in a stuffy cabin or wake up feeling hot and sweaty whilst sailing the med. 

Available in our range of Ready Made Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases and as Custom Made Fitted Sheets.  

Shaped Bedding means you won't have excess material twisting round your feet, or sheets coming untucked in the night and keeps your cabins looking neat and tidy. 

Don't get hot and flustered trying to make the bed with a normal domestic sheet! Order online here or call us on 03704 464 233 to speak to our friendly advisers. Then just lay back and relax in your cool, comfortable cabin. 

"Fabulous! Fitted perfectly and looks great. I will be needing another for the front cabin and will be coming back!" -  Mrs Wright, Jeanneau 349
3. Unbreakable Glasses

galleywareThe sun's in the sky, the wind's in the sails - sit back on deck with a glass of wine, a G&T or a nice cold pint. Relax, unwind and enjoy! What better way to spend the summer!

We want you to enjoy your time on board as much as possible so why worry about broken glass and spilt drinks on deck?! Our Unbreakable Glasses are the highest quality poly-carbonate giving them the weight and clarity of real glass so you can enjoy your drinks in style.

Our wide range suits all styles and beverages and are available for next day delivery! Why not buy a set for home too - they are perfect around hot tubs and swimming pools for those summertime BBQ's and garden parties!

Don't leave it too late, order online here today! 

"Very pleased with the poly-carbonate glasses we bought. They are fantastic quality and feel really nice to drink from. Definitely wouldn't go back to glass on the boat after using these. Everyone comments on how nice they are." - Mrs Green, Broom 1070
4. Marine+ Breathable Mattress

matttess edit 3 smallIf you're planning to spend the summer on board, a high quality, supportive mattress can make all the difference. Our top of the range Marine+ Mattress is specially designed to be the most breathable and luxurious mattress for the marine environment. Our exclusive design incorporates the comfort and support of memory foam without the heat and humidity. Built in DRY-Mat and Breather Channels work to funnel your bodies heat and humidity away from you and the breather panels allow the warm air to escape the mattress preventing overheating.

The individual pocket springs support your bodies key pressure points keeping your spine in it's optimum alignment to ensure you wake up feeling energised and renewed. 

The combination of pocket springs, memory foam and DRY-Mat all work together to create the ideal sleeping conditions - support, breathability and comfort. 

Custom made to any shape and size for a perfect fit! Order Online or Call us on 03704 464 233 for an instant quote.

"Our new mattresses on Blue Haze transformed the sleeping aboard experience. Gone is the stiff back and dread of sleepless nights on extended cruises. The whole experience was splendid from start to finish." - Mrs Gillett, Blue Haze

5. Melamine Dinnerware  

UnbreakableGalleywareforyachtsSummer evenings were made for alfresco dining. Enjoy a delicious meal on deck in the sunshine. 

Our top quality Melamine Dinner Sets are perfect for on board dining. The break resistant melamine makes them the sensible choice whilst the choice of 3 classic and simple designs add a touch of style to your table. 

From place setting, to serving platters to cups & mugs our range has everything you need to host a perfect alfresco feast!  

Order today and enjoy your next meal in the sun! 

"They look particularly attractive and they are very high quality." - Mr McLaughlan, Narrowboat

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