Why Do I Need a Good Night’s Sleep?



Anyone who has ever slept on an uncomfortable mattress, whether in a hotel, whilst camping or after being squeezed onto a friend’s sofa bed, will know the repercussions of such an experience. Waking up more tired than you went to sleep with a sore back and aching muscles to boot, is not the ideal way to start the day.

On a boat, this situation changes from a minor inconvenience, making you grouchy and slow for the day, to a real safety hazard. On the water, being unable to think fast or cope with manual activity if the case should arise, can mean the difference between a serious injury, or a good story to tell later on in the pub.

Having a better night’s sleep on board also means you enjoy your time on the water more and so does your family, leading to more family excursions and time spent together getting the most out of your vessel. The small price to pay for a better night’s sleep can add masses of value to your boat’s usage.


The Science Behind a Good Night’s Sleep- What to Avoid!



Being woken up regularly by noise can mean that you miss out on important stages of your sleep cycle and so the quality of your sleep is reduced.


Anxiety means that you will find it harder to fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep once you do. If your mind doesn’t switch off, then you will continue to wake up throughout the night, meaning you lose out on important stages of your sleep cycle. A good way to combat this is to do a distracting activity; such as, reading or a puzzle, before trying to sleep in order to relax your mind.

No routine

Your body works on a 24-hour cycle called the Circadian Cycle. This cycle helps us to fall asleep and wake up naturally. If you have no routine with your sleeping hours, then your body won’t have a regular cycle and so you will find falling asleep and waking up the next morning much more difficult.

Cold feet? Hot feet?

Your core body temperature should drop by 0.5- 1 degree Celsius when you fall asleep. Your blood vessels expand to help lose heat but being in a too hot room or too hot under your bedding can prevent you from lowering your body temperature and falling asleep easily.


Drinking coffee, drinking alcohol or consuming food such as bacon or cheese, can prevent you from falling sleeping easily. These substances stay in your body for many hours and they all contain stimulants that keep our brains awake and without a proper REM cycle.


Getting a good night’s sleep on board is vital. Try the above tips for a better sleeping experience and more fun on the water!

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