How to Get a Good Night's Sleep on a Boat: 2


Make Making the Bed a Breeze!


After a great day on board with your family, sailing and enjoying the weather, comes the task of making the bed with unshaped bedding… we’ve all been there! Sheets popping off in all directions, cramped cabins meaning you can’t get your mattress protectors in position, over large duvets filling the space and creating a stuffy and maddening atmosphere. This is not the relaxing fall into bed you were anticipating. When you finally do get into bed, you are so hot and bothered you can’t drift off into a deep sleep and so lie there fuming as your feet get hotter and hotter under the mountains of duvet you must navigate.

Now imagine this… sheets that fit your bed to perfection which slide on and stay there, mattress protectors which are held securely in place and fit the curves of your bed which are only found on a boat, and duvets which are shaped to fit your bed with only the necessary amount of material that you need! You are ready to sink into bed, cool and calm and drift off blissfully under a comfortable quilt, just like you would at home.


Try a more relaxing routine with our Shaped Boat Bedding, both readymade and custom items available for any shape or size bed. 


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