How to Get a Good Night's Sleep on a Boat: Part 5



The Morning After…


What do you know? You have woken up after an amazing night sleeping on one of our mattresses and under our matching shaped bedding and have found that you are ache free and ready to face the day ahead. But there is one thing which slows you down and makes your perfect night a little less perfect… condensation.


Unlike domestic beds, boat beds don’t allow air to circulate sufficiently under your mattress meaning that when moisture travels through the bed during the night, it can’t ventilate away once it has condensed on the bed base. This leads to the tedious task of lifting the mattress to air it out, drying the base and trying to solve the problem by sticking towels or slats underneath the bed. This is no way to start your day!

With our DRY-Mat® Anti-Condensation Underlay you simply need to lay it under the cushion and that’s it. Once it is there, it’s there for life and never stops working. A five-minute job to fit with the result of never having to lift or dry out your mattress again because of condensation under your cushions. Just roll out of bed and start the day, the right way! Ready for your life to change, visit DRY-Mat online to get started!


A quick and easy job with benefits that you will notice year after year. DRY-Mat is a must have for any cabin and saloon to help you enjoy your time on the water even more!

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