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Ship Shape Bedding has exclusively developed this “cool” new mattress fabric to further ensure our customers have the best night’s sleep ever!

Independently tested and proven to lower your temperature by an average of 1.3 degrees (the optimum amount for effective sleep):

  • Ensures deeper sleep on hot nights
  • Gently quilted to keep you warm on cold nights
  • Permanent feature - doesn’t diminish over time
  • Machine Washable
  • Air-permeable



The Science of Sleep Cycles

As a key part of our natural circadian cycle (our natural 24-hour cycle which our bodies go through every day), our bodies core temperature naturally drops from the early evening and into the night. This signals our brain and body that it is time for us to sleep and recuperate. As morning approaches, our temperature will rise to increase our alertness and wake us up. This process is known as thermo-regulation.

active cool sleep cycle graph showing temperature change during the day and how active cool helps us get ready to sleep

How ActiveCool® Works

Doctors and Sleep Scientists confirm that for effective, deep and restful sleep, your body temperature needs to drop by 1 - 2 degrees and ActiveCool® helps you do this by utilising temperature regulating technology. The fabric contains 30% specialised heat conducting fibres which actively draw excess body heat away from at the time of sleep. Because this property is part of the fabric and not a coating or temporary fixture, the fabric will remain cool over time.

small active cool vs standard cover

Sleeping on ActiveCool® lowers your core body temperature by an average of 1 - 2 degrees leaving you at the optimum temperature to drift off into a deep restful sleep and remain at this lower temperature throughout the night.

We all know the struggles of trying to sleep in a too hot room. If the room or cabin you are sleeping in has a high air temperature, this will keep you at an elevated state of alertness, thus causing a restless sleep and night-time waking, and makes falling back to sleep difficult. Struggle no longer with ActiveCool®! It will help you fall asleep faster and keep you at a comfortable sleeping temperature even in the warmest environments.

Available on all Ship Shape Mattresses and Toppers, click to order!

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