How To Make a Perfect Boat Mattress Template in just 10 Mins!

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Thanks to our simple templating method, we can provide you with a custom yacht or motorboat mattress no matter where you are located! We service all areas of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world!


 Watch our Instruction Video Here...

 Or Follow our Step by Step Guide below...

Please make your template in one piece to the full width of the bed base. During production we will allow for the thickness of the mattress cover, fillings and enough room for your to fit your bed linen down the sides.



Step 1:

Remove your old cushions
and cover the entire base
with paper



Step 2: 

Cut at least 4 holes in the

paper and tape across each,
sticking it to the base, so the
paper doesn't move during the
templating process


Step 3: 

Crease around edges with
fingers to ensure the perfect




Step 4: 

Draw around the crease with a marker

pen. It is imperative to cut

it out and lay it back on the bed

to ensure an accurate fit



Step 5: 

Make adjustments as
needed by adding or removing
paper. We will make your bed
to this exact template


Step 6: 

Mark your name, number,
location of split if required*,
and order details on the top
surface, as well as your
access points on the bed


* We will cut exactly where you mark your split so make sure it is drawn, not cut, on the template accurately!




If you have sloping sides against the hull use a ruler (or the
back page of our leaflet!) to measure vertically from the edge of
the bed base to the height of your new mattress. Use a tape
measure to find the distance out to the hull at this height. Write
this distance onto the template and draw an arrow in the
direction of the taper. Repeat at each corner and 2 or 3 times
along each angled side, marking the other sides as vertical.

This tells us how much wider to make the top than the bottom  -  Simples!

Please send your template to:

Ship Shape Bedding, Ludham Road Business Park, Catfield, Norfolk, NR29 5PY

Any Questions?
Please call us on
03704 464 233