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Marine Upholstery Fabrics

All of our cushions come with a handmade cover which is completely removable for easy cleaning.

Keep your new cushions hygienic, feeling fresh and looking brand new. This is much more pleasent to use after a winter in storage, and when the time comes to sell your boat, a fresh, clean saloon can increase the value of your boat and can often be a deciding factor when choosing which boat to purchase. 


All of our covers come with a breathable, non-slip base which allows air to flow through the cushions and grips the seat base. This works in conjuction with our DRY-Mat underlay to help prevent condensation, damp and mildew.


We offer a huge range of fabrics to co-ordinate your new cushions with your interior. All of our fabrics have been specially selected for marine use and the different ranges include various benefits such as waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, UV-resistant, stain proof, highly breathable, and many more. Whatever your needs and colour schemes, we will have the ideal fabric! 

All fabric options are washable, but please do ask us for the specific care instructions for each fabric. 


Zaffiro - Hardwearing Textured Weave

Fleck design to minimise appearance of marks and stains, hardwearing & durable yet soft to the touch

Ivory Cream Stone Beige Wheat Malt Honey Seville Copper Russet
Ivory Cream Stone Beige Wheat Malt Honey Seville Copper Russet
Shiraz Almond Lichen Aqua Mint Gala Liqueur


Jade Ocean
Shiraz Almond Lichen Aqua Mint Gala Liqueur Dove Jade Ocean
Grey Nutmeg Conker Steel Charcoal Ebony        
Grey Nutmeg Conker Steel Charcoal Ebony        


Libra - Waterproof Fabric with a noiseless Velvety finish
Waterproof, Anti-Microbial, Stain Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Phthalate Free, Fire Retardant 

teal honey gold terracotta apple bottle brown rose royal tan
Teal Honey Gold Terracotta Apple Bottle Brown Rose Royal Tan
deeppink navy coffee red midnight mocha claret grey chocolate wine
>Deep Pink Navy Coffee Red Midnight Mocha Claret  Grey Chocolate Wine
charcoal purple garnet black            
Charcoal Purple Garnet Black            


Linetta - A Very Hardwearing Linen Style Fabric in Bold Colours

Stain resistant, Highly Durable, Fire Retardant, Waterproof

Denim LightBlue Mint DuckEgg Teal Midnight Grape Plum Purple Damson
Denim Light Blue Mint Duck Egg Teal Midnight Grape Plum Purple Damson
Violet Salmon Orchid Red BurntOrange Gold Sand linettacream Lime Olive
Violet Salmon Orchid Red Burnt Orange Gold Sand Cream  Lime  Olive
LightGrey Slate Truffle Charcoal linettachocolate          
Light Grey Slate Truffle Charcoal Chocolate          


Sark - Velvety Feel Fabric in Contempory Colours

Stain resistant, Soft Touch, Hardwearing, Fire Retardant, Waterproof, Anti-Bacterial

sarkcream lavender cloud green mauve skyblue sarkpistachio2 sarkpurple sarkteal lemonspice
Cream Lavender Cloud Green Mauve Sky Blue Pistachio Purple Teal Lemon Spice
wine sarkocean chilli sarkred marine grey silver oatmeal sarkslate sarkbiscuit
Wine Ocean Chilli Red Marine Grey Silver Oatmeal Slate Biscuit
mocha graphite taupe sarkchestnut sarkcharcoal darkbrown  sarkchocolate      
Mocha Graphite Taupe Chestnut Charcoal Dark Brown Chocolate      


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