Why do we ask for a template?

There are several reasons why using a template is the best method to ensure your mattress is a perfect fit. 
  • All boats are individual and small variations even between the same model can mean the difference between a perfect mattress and a mediocre one. By using a template of your own boat, we can ensure that the mattress will be perfect fit for your cabin and is 100% custom to you.
  • The original measurements from the manufacturer are very rarely what the boat is like 3 or 4 owners down the line. This means that the mattress we would make you using these measurements, wouldn’t fit.
  • We are so confident in our templating method which has been tried and tested for over 10 years, that we don’t think the expense of a templating service is necessary for our customers, and thanks to our simple templating method, we can provide you with a custom yacht or motorboat mattress no matter where you are located! We service all areas of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world!
  • When we receive your template, we check every aspect against our information to ensure we get it right. We will get in touch with you to go over all the details so you know that we will make your mattress as required.


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