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Which Topper Type?

Choose from our range of toppers below, all are custom made with a choice of options including depth and fabrics.
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Reflex Foam - a comfortable, breathable foam which is an excellent cost effective way to significantly increase the comfort of a firm mattress or add extra depth to stop you from 'bottoming out' on thin mattresses.

Memory Foam - Instantly upgrade your mattress by adding a memory foam topper. This popular option gives you additional support and comfort meaning you get a better nights sleep without the cost of a new mattress.

Marine+ - Our top of the range topper, the Marine+ gives you the comfort and support of memory foam without the humidity. The additional breather channels and DRY-Mat layer in this topper allow air to flow, stopping you from over-heating during the night and giving you a fresh and relaxing nights sleep. Perfect for sailing in hot climates, or for those who want the feel of memory foam without the heat!

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