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How DRY-Mat Works

DRY-Mat is the most effective and hassle-free way to prevent condensation, mould and bacteria from damaging your cushions. It takes just 5 minutes to fit and will help to keep your cushions fresh and hygienic!



What is DRY-Mat? 

DRY-Mat is a 10mm layer of thousands of individual interlocking Micro-Springs. The composition of the layer means that it doesn’t compress under the pressure of the mattress or the weight and movement on top. The DRY-Mat is 100% polyester and completely recyclable. DRY-Mat lasts a life time and doesn’t fray or lose structure over time like many cheaper alternatives which need to be replaced year after year. It can also be machine washed at up to 60 degrees.


Why do we need DRY-Mat?

When we sleep we perspire (the average person loses around 2lb of moisture during the night) and although most of this perspiration condenses on windows in the cabin, some of this moisture travels through the mattress and condenses onto the wooden or fibreglass base below. As there is no air flow under the mattress, the moisture is trapped there which causes damp and musty smells to form as well as mould and bacteria to grow. This causes the bed to become un-fresh and unhygienic which devalues your investment!


How does it work?

DRY-Mat is simply cut to shape with normal kitchen scissors and laid straight onto the bed base underneath the cushions- there is no need to attach it into place! This allows air to flow under the mattress whilst not raising it above the fiddle, meaning no condensation build up as well as added comfort and support to a thin mattress. The warm air is circulated within the layer every time you move on the mattress, which dries the bed base and stops moisture from being retained. Any off-cuts can be used elsewhere on your boat such as under seat cushions, dog beds, fridges and in lockers, so there is no waste! Due to its construction, DRY-Mat also adds comfort to a thin mattress. The layer doesn't collapse meaning that you won't bottom out onto a hard bed base but rather be supported on what feels similar to around 40mm of extra foam.



Advantages over slats

  • DRY-Mat means the entire mattress base is exposed to air flow rather than half being on boards like slats
  • DRY-Mat is dramatically cheaper and easier to fit
  • DRY-Mat doesn’t break if weight over one point unlike slats
  • Unlike Slats, DRY-Mat will not lift your mattresses above the bed base side and allow it to slip
  • DRY-Mat supports the whole mattress evenly, whereas if you have sprung mattresses with slats, half the springs are not supported, stressing the mattress which increases wear and tear and reduces the life of the mattresses
  • Slats restrict access to under-bed lockers, whereas DRY-Mat can be cut to fit the locker lids and so give easy access


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