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How To Make a Topper Template

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Thanks to our simple boat templating method, we can provide you with a custom yacht or motorboat Topper no matter where you are located! We service all areas of the UK; from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to East Anglia, as well as Europe too!


100% Perfect Template in just 10 Minutes! Follow our easy guide below to ensure your topper and bedding is made to a perfect fit.

step2 step4

Step 1: Cover your mattress
with an old bed sheet or paper

Step 2: Mark around the
edges with a marker pen

step5 step6

Step 3: Cut out and lay back on

bed to ensure a good fit (make

adjustments as required, adding

or removing paper)

Step 4: Mark your name,

contact details, cabin,

mattress depth, top surface and

order details on the template


For Toppers with Tapered Sides: 

The majority of toppers are made with vertical
sides so that it is easier to fit sheets onto them
but if your hull is significantly angled and you
would like the sides to follow the taper then below
is how to measure the angle. 

Use a ruler (or the back page of our leaflet) to measure
vertically from the edge of the top of the mattress to
the height of the topper you want. Use a tape measure
to measure the distance out to the hull, at this height.
Write this onto the template and repeat at each corner
and 2 or 3 times along each angled side.


Once you have made your template, please send it to us at the following address (don't forget to include your name and order number!):

Ship Shape Bedding,

Unit 1, Stalham Road Industrial Estate

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NR12 8DZ


This simple method will produce a template for a perfect fitting 

  • Yacht Topper
  • Motorboat Topper
  • Canal Boat Topper
  • Narrowboat Topper

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