DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Underlay for Boats



DRY-Mat® Anti-Condensation Underlay

• Stops Condensation Build-Up

• Restricts Damp, Mould & Mildew, and Musty Odours

Lasts a Lifetime

 Quick & Easy to Fit

• Performs better than Slats


Available in 4 pre-cut sizes that can easily be fitted to any size bed by simply trimming with kitchen scissors:


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  • £ 40.00 (£ 48.00 inc VAT) DRY-Mat 2m x 1m

    Perfect for a Single Bed

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  • £ 55.00 (£ 66.00 inc VAT) DRY-Mat 2m x 1.5m

    Perfect for a Double Bed

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  • £ 65.00 (£ 78.00 inc VAT) DRY-Mat 2m x 1.8m

    Perfect for a King Size Bed

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  • £ 70.00 (£ 84.00 inc VAT) DRY-Mat 2m x 2.1m

    Will fit the Largest Berths

    Any off cuts can be joined using the smallest cable ties and used so there is no wasteage!

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UK’s No.1 Anti-Condensation Underlay available in 4 different roll sizes. It takes just 5 minutes to fit and is easier, cheaper and more effective than slats. It helps to prevent mould, mildew, bacteria and musty smells from damaging your cushions meaning they stay fresh and hygienic.

The thousands of interlocking micro-springs within the layer prevent compression, resulting in a constant flow of air under your cushions as well as an increase in comfort to a thin mattress. DRY-Mat® doesn’t fray or degrade over time and can be washed up 60 degrees in the washing machine.

Simply order the size closest to your bed, cut it to shape with normal kitchen scissors and lay it straight onto the bed base. No need to attach it!

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