Care Instructions

Please read the following mattress and cushion care instructions for guidance on looking after your new mattress. If you have any questions regarding the after-care of your purchase, please do not hesitate to call us on 03704 464 233.


General Care

  • Please do not place wash boards/engine covers/etc on the mattress as the edges may damage the fabric.
  • Pocket Sprung mattresses can not be bent or folded, this will cause irreapairable damage to the metal frame.
  • We recommend using a Mattress Protector, to help prevent staining on the mattress.
  • DRY-Mat® is also highly recommended to protect the base and sides of your mattress from damp and condensation.


Removable Covers Washing Instructions

All of our mattresses and toppers come with removable, washable covers. Please follow the washing instructions below for the different fabrics.


Standard Fabrics - Cream Damask

  • Standing on the mattress, especially with shoes on, may cause damage to the cover.
  • Dry Clean ONLY to avoid damage to the cover 


Grafito fabric

  • If bobbling or piling occurs on this fabric, this is not a problem and will not have any detrimental effect on the wearability of the fabric. Removal by a 'de-fuzzer' is the most effect method and returns fabric to its original appearance.
  • Pile fabrics, by their very nature, do often have a tendency to pressure mark. This is a natural characteristic of this type of fabric. It does not in any way detract from the wearing ability of this quality fabric.


H2O Waterproof fabric

  • To remove the commonest stains, use warm water and an ordinary detergent.
  • Scrape off solids, do not go against the grain
  • More difficult stains will benefit from a safe solvent such as Isopropyl Alcohol or White Spirit
  • To disinfect add half a cup of household bleach to 5 litres of water
  • The fabric is not dry cleanable and do not immerse totally
  • Always test cleaners on a small, discreet area first
  • Wash dark colours seperatly - colours may run


Savona/Lambada fabric


Sunbrella Deck Cushion fabric


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