Care Instructions

Additional Benefits of Polycarbonate Non Breakable Shatterproof Glasses include:


  • Dishwasher / Boiling Water Safe our Strahl Glasses will not craze in hot water
  • Long Lasting Polycarbonate will not go cloudy with exposure to UV Sunlight
  • Polycarbonate will keep your drinks cool and refreshing for longer
  • Superior insulation properties keep beverages at optimal drinking temperature for longer
  • Also great for Pool Parties, BBQ's and Al-Fresco Dining
  • Our Polycarbonate Glass Range can be engraved for that special gift, occasion or promotion


Recommended Care Instructions for Polycarbonate Non Breakable Shatterproof Glasses:


  • Polycarbonate may be scratched or damaged if cleaned with abrasive brushes. Buffing with a microfibre glass polishing cloth may remove light scuffs
  • We recommend you wash your polycarbonate glasses in the dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water
  • Please be aware that the following aniseed based drinks cannot be used with polycarbonate and they will leave a permanent stain: Pernod, Anis, Ricard, Raki, and Ouzo
  • Milky drinks may leave a residue if the glass is not washed with warm soapy water

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