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Hydro-Pocket Sprung Information

Home Comfort Afloat


    • Home Comfort with Marine Benefits!
    • Removable, Washable Covers - Click here to find out more
    • Orthopaedic Pocket Springs for Optimal Spinal Support
    • Highly Breathable and Marine-Proof
    • Marinized Springs for Durability and Longevity in even the Dampest Environment! 

    Our Pocket Sprung Mattresses offer the perfect night’s sleep through a balance of tailored contoured support from the individual responsive pocket springs and comfort from the Reflex Foam Toppers built into our Mattresses. The Pocket springs offer targeted head to toe orthopaedic support taking in the bodies key pressure points such as hips and shoulders whilst supporting the other areas keeping the spine straight for a great night’s sleep. This even weight distribution will give a deeper undisturbed sleep as if you were at home.

    These domestic-style mattresses give you home comfort and quality on board. A "proper" mattress will make your boat feel like a home from home and let you enjoy a comfortable, relaxing holiday without feeling like you are "roughing it"! 

    Designed for marine use, all of our sprung mattresses have marinised springs to prevent rust and ensure your mattress is durable in even the dampest environments. Breather vents and a breathable base allow air to circulate and flow through the mattress, keeping it fresh and dry.

    Foam encapsulation allows us to create intricate angles to give a precise fit and stops chaffing against the hull and fiddles. 
    Butterfly side springs add strength and stability to your mattress for a longer life and prevent sagging. 




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