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Reflex Foam Information

Light Weight, Low Cost


  • Light Weight
  • Low Profile
  • Removable, Washable Covers - Click here to find out more
  • Highly Durable and Breathable
  • Multi-Layered for Tailored Comfort & Support



Our Multi-Foam mattresses are ideal for height restricted cabins or when weight is an issue.

They are made from specialist marine Reflex Foam which has unparalleled breathability yet is supportive and comfortable because unlike normal upholstery foams, Reflex Foam gives greater ‘push back’ support against your bodies key pressure points. Reflex Foam is lightweight and very flexible which is ideal for hard to access cabins as it can be bent round tight corners. Reflex Foam comes in three specially selected grades for different comfort levels depending on your individual requirements.

We offer our Reflex Foam mattresses in Duo or Trio Layer constructions to give a completely customised level of support and comfort depending on your preferences. Our Reflex-Duo Foam mattresses offer either a firmer supportive base layer or a softer top layer for sink-in comfort. Upgrading to the Reflex-Trio Foam mattress, which has graduated layers of comfort, allows you to slowly sink into the mattress yet remain supported for the best night’s sleep on a low profile, light weight mattress!


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