Air-Flow Marine+ Mattress

Air-Flow Marine+®

'Foam-Core' Mattress


The Most Breathable & Comfortable Foam Mattress Designed for the Marine Environment! 

  • Graduated Comfort Layers
  • Optimum Air-Flow for a Refreshing Night's Sleep
  • Temperature Regulating with Humidity Dispersing Layers
  • Flexible, Lightweight Foam
  • Anti-Roll Profiled Sides
  • Removable, Washable Covers - Click here to find out more




Yacht and Motor Boat bed construction doesn’t allow sufficient air to circulate and escape vertically down; as on a domestic bed. The result is often hot sweaty nights. Our brand new, patent pending, Air-Flow Marine+ mattress gives you unrivalled breathability for a fresh and revitalising nights sleep, even on the muggiest of nights.

Our innovative Marine+® design incorporates specifically designed layers to create the most breathable marine foam mattress!

Graduated Comfort Layers - Topped with a gently quilted layer, humidity dispersing DRY-Mat®, lateral breather channels then blend into a softer layer letting your hips and shoulders sink in. The lower core layer of high tech foam supports your spine in the ideal alignment and the firm anti-chafe base prevents bottoming out. A perfect blend for full body support & relaxation.
DRY-Mat® - Our best selling DRY-Mat encases the foam, creating an Air-Flow layer between the body and the cold or warm bed; keeping you warm on cold nights and cool on warm ones, and allows personal humidity to disperse away from the body, keeping you at your optimum temperature all night long.
Integrated Breather Channels - Channel the humid air away from the sleepers and encouraging the air to flow laterally out to the breather panels
Breather Panel - This stylish navy breather panel allows the mattress to breath
Anti-Roll Profiled Sides - A firm grade foam edging keeps you in place even in the roughest seas! Profiled to match the exact curve of your hull for a precise fit.





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