What Makes a Ship Shape Mattress the Best?
  • All our Mattresses are Foam Encapsulated - meaning no metal work is against the hull, bed base or fiddles - reducing chafing and increasing the life of the boat mattress,
  • Only top quality components are used,
  • Hand made to market leading tolerances,
  • All our covers are hand-made removable covers - so that piping is only added where it is wanted and not, for example, down the middle of split mattresses! 
  • NO uncomfortable piping/ binding where two mattresses are side by side typically in a yacht double bed i.e. V berth,
  • Unlike other UK mattress suppliers, Ship Shape mattresses are entirely hand made. This allows us to make any size, shape, angle or curve, creating a very precise fit for your bed. We do not have large radius corners like our competitors that often don't fit against tight corners in the boats carpentry.

The biggest benefit of this is that for split mattresses we can ensure there are no significant gaps down the middle and no uncomfortable 'double tram lines' where the two rows of piping or binding come together (as shown below). Our split mattresses are made with comfort in mind so we ensure there are no gaps or piping down the middle line, giving it a seamless feel and allowing you a good nights sleep!


A machine made mattress - badly fitted infill leaving gaps and double piping

Machine made custom mattreses


Ship Shape Bedding Split Mattress ensure a seamless fit
with no gaps or uncomfortable double piping down the centre! 



Designed for marine use, our mattresses are not only comfortable and supportive but have marine qualities that a normal mattress supplier may not consider.
Just a few of the elements that make Ship Shape mattresses marine-friendly include:


  • - all pocket sprung mattresses are made with marinized bronzed rode edging, ensuring that both the springs are firmly held in place for years and that metal doesn't rust or degrade in a damp environment,
  • - all our mattresses come with a breathable rubberised base, promoting air-flow, long life and also preventing the mattress from slipping when well heeled, 
    - breather holes can be fitted to the open sides of the mattress, letting the air flow and helping to prevent damp and condensation.



Often over looked but VERY important All of our mattress come with removable, washable covers for easy cleaning - increasing the longevity of your mattress by keeping it in a good, clean condition which importantly adds value when you sell your boat in the future.



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